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Introducing ISARA The ONE: a groundbreaking innovation in fully adjustable carriers. Engineered for extreme adjustability, it accommodates all shapes and sizes, from petite to plus-size parents, with newborns, toddlers, and even preschoolers. With its revolutionary design, ISARA The ONE truly fits all, delivering the ultimate level of comfort and versatility for every wearer and child.

Feel the innovation

ISARA The ONE Pixelated Spicy Bamboo is equipped with revolutionary features allowing the wearer to ultra-adjust the carrier both in length and width.

The panel transformers allow the wearer to precisely widen the height of the back panel, inch by inch, in order to reach up to the nape of your baby's neck. If you would like to breastfeed, simply extend the panel transformer and enjoy every minute of it.

The strap transformers can shorten or extend the shoulder straps, to properly fit your body shape and size. This feature provides extreme adjustability for petite, tall or even plus size physiques. It truly FITS you!

The base of the carrier contains two detachable seat transformers, a unique feature that upgrades the seat base to fit even a tall preschooler.

Safe and practical perks for optimal comfort!

ISARA The ONE Pixelated Spicy Bamboo represents the next level in the babywearing industry, by introducing 3 novel features: seat transformers, panel transformers, and strap transformers along with a plethora of characteristics for an optimal comfort:
- It keeps your baby’s skin safe from rashes of any kind with our no skin to buckle contact innovation.
- Buttery soft padded shoulder strap, so that you’ll never have to feel the weight of your angel.
- Extra arm and leg paddings for a timeless carrying experience.
- Detachable and adjustable hood
- Safety band around buckles for increased safety in case of accidental opening
- Detachable and adjustable connection strap.


Adjustability like you’ve never seen before, in one single carrier! It truly FITS, every single time! Try it and feel the innovation!

Designed by a babywearing consultant along with a team of specialized doctors, The ONE Pixelated Spicy Bamboo is suitable for wearing newborns, starting with 3 kg (6.6 lbs) up to preschoolers, being tested and certified for up to 20kg (44lbs).*

For newborns, starting with 3 kg (6.6 lbs), the seat transformers can be easily detached to provide the ultimate adjustability, ranging between 15 cm (6 inches) and 38 cm (15 inches). Narrow the base of the carrier so that it fits the opening of the baby’s legs, from one knee to the other.

For toddlers or preschoolers, re-attach both seat transformers. These innovative features enable the wearer to extend the seat with an extra 18 cm (7 inches), each seat transformer measuring 9 cm (3.5 inches).

For a petite wearer, shorten the length of the strap transformers, to achieve the desired comfort.

For a taller wearer extend the strap transformers and the webbing, to comfortably fit your body shape and size.

*For low birthweight babies and children with medical conditions, seek advice from a health professional before using the product;