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  • Neko Tiny hybrid babycarrier

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Ergonomic carrier brand Neko Slings features adjustable ergonomic baby carriers and hybrid slings that grow with your baby. They are manufactured from a soft sling panel, which is specially manufactured for this purpose.
Hybrid ergonomic sling and Mai Thai brand Neko Slings combines the unique embrace of a sling with the efficiency of an ergonomic carrier. Both types of hybrid carriers are suitable for carrying small babies with the possibility of carrying them on the front and on the back.

Neko Slings also has two models of carriers – Neko Start & Neko Switch.
Neko Start is very intuitive to adjust, with a soft belt and well-padded shoulder straps. The carrier is suitable for children over 3-4 months.Neko Switch is suitable for babies over 2 months of age and 5 kg ot weight, thanks to its system of buckles that attach to the belt and do not strain the baby's waist.

There is no “best carrier” or one-size-fits-all carrier that is equally comfortable for everyone. Each person has a specific body structure and what is comfortable to someone may not be that suitable for other one.
Although the carriers have a similar construction structure, the degree of rigidity of the belt and its width, the padding of the straps, the fabric from which it is made, the ways of adjusting the straps or the panel are different for each brand.