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  • ISARA THE ONE DIAMOND BLACK - baby carrier

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The Isara brand offers not only solutions, but also innovative high-end products that you can't help but fall in love with!

Meet the latest Isara model! The wonderful Isara Quick Full Buckle hybrid carrier combines unsurpassed comfort, easy adjustment and quick deployment. There's no need for annoying adjustments every time you put it on, and the innovative design allows it to be sized very precisely for both parent and baby.

Isara Quick can be used from the first month of life until about 2 years of age. A truly impressive extra-long reach gives you the peace of mind and freedom to accompany your baby or grown-up child anytime, anywhere! Suitable for babies of all ages, the height and width of the panel can be adjusted with just one movement! Fast and easy.

The new Isara Quick Full Buckle hybrid carrier (with buckles for even faster and easier putting on than the Half Buckle with the tie tails)

The Isara The One ergonomic carrier lets you carry your baby from 3 months to 4 years of age (62 cm to 116 cm)
Isara The One all-in-one sizeable ergonomic carrier from baby to toddler
Embark on the adventure of parenthood with Isara The One, carry your baby close to your heart and without age restrictions.
A carrier that fits everyone: sizes in an extremely large range - from a small baby to an adult child (toddler), and covers a variety of wearer figures.

Isara The One is specially designed to be your everyday parenting companion. The One is suitable for tall babies as well as smaller babies. The soft belt adapts to the wearer's figure, and the straps have the option of using a longer padded part (for larger figures and taller parents).